Zhang Hongchun Reflections on nternet entrepreneurship and investment

Internet new and old people so quickly, so that many investors and entrepreneurs have to pay special attention to a problem: return cycle.

if the return cycle can not keep up with changes in the behavior of Internet users, then the investment is likely to fail, entrepreneurs can not see the return, at least the profit cycle is very short. So in order to quickly succeed, many Internet projects had to quickly hit the huge sums of money, look forward to quickly do the first, and then catch up before the bubble to recover funds. So, in our opinion, the Internet is a lot of entrepreneurship around the capital. Capital is to enable enterprises to succeed, but also to allow enterprises to live in the capital, but the winter.

investigate its fundamental, I think there are several reasons:

1 China’s lack of innovation in the Internet: one is technological innovation, there is a model innovation. Because of the lack of innovation, it can only imitate others, or some kind of application of technology. Because everyone can imitate, so the ratio of capital and speed. The capital has created the speed, slowly has been dragged to death, starved to death.

2 Internet users in China is also very popular online entertainment and leisure. Of course, there are more and more people slowly settling down from entertainment, for example, they began to shop, began to use the Internet to learn. Although the number of Chinese Internet users, but the real use of resources on the Internet is a small number of people. So we need to take time to wait for more people to settle. You say you can wait, but how long do not know, so investors will not wait with you.

3 China is too big to make money too much. So many people start to think of the country to do, think of what to do, but a lot of profit, not the ability, finally missed in a field / area intensive and meticulous farming opportunities. No mature samples, no investment, and finally died in a dream. On the contrary, to do a good job in the region / area is easy to get the capital, investors will help you do the next. Return to the essence, to do a sample, do a profit, avoid temptation, but it is difficult to do this.

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