Common undesirable website promotion methods

The promotion of

every webmaster in the most troubling thing is the site of the station, a good easy, but to your website promotion well is not so simple, so the promotion is very important. Only to go out to reflect the value of your site.

use as many ways to promote the site out, the maximum let more people know your site, to get more traffic is the key. But if you use the wrong way of promotion, will be counterproductive, ranging from user objectionable, while search engine was blocked, The loss outweighs the gain. In order to avoid the novice webmaster to take this detour, I will summarize some of the undesirable site promotion methods to tell you.

1 site is not perfect before the promotion of

first at the beginning before the promotion to ensure the function of your website is not complete, and each content is rich, especially the content must be perfect and correct, often see many webmaster in promoting their own web site, like the teeth off home page, not missing here is sent there, look make people uncomfortable, this will give visitors a bad impression.

2 mass spam

for each netizen, a lot of unsolicited junk email is intolerable. Now there are a lot of people in the major web site to sell the mass mailing software, there is no such magical propaganda effect is not to say, but in short, do not believe them. Sending spam will only bring you enemies rather than friends, and more and more people will resent your site. Ben will not go to see your ad, this way is no longer respected as before,

3 do not know in Baidu to answer, so it is easy to be your letter No. ID. And a lot of questions will delete your question, the dragon is a question of some value.

4 don’t waste time on search engines

a lot of webmaster do stand always put the site search engine, in fact, you do not have to go to the station as long as the promotion of good, there is a certain chain, it is natural to be included. Submit as long as submitted to the major search engines and directories, such as Baidu, Google and YAHOO, there is no need to waste time of no great importance in search engines, they bring the traffic is almost not much.

The use of



has a lot of discussion about the scam in a variety of Web promotion newsgroups and mailing lists, which are supposed to improve your search engine rankings. Don’t be fooled. Search engines are starting to deal with those attacks, and if they suspect that you are cheating them, they will be banned from your site. You do want to use the META tag in the title and content text, but follow the submission. The object search engine most objectionable but not to associate with them. It’s not good for you.

6 do not use fields with keywords >

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