On execution of Dongsheng

today want to talk about the execution of the execution of things, it is right now, what is the immediate action, see is valuable and practical methods, to carry out immediately, and stick to it.

although very simple, but I found a lot of people can not do.

, for example, I set up a few days ago QQ space ranking circle, learning QQ space in a lot of people come in, you can actually effect the results of the people, did not come in more people,

why is this


most people are like this, others see the operation effect, he also went to study at once, can be a few days or a period of time not to see the effect, will soon give up, learn more, try more, but no results, because no matter you insist on.

or say, you insist on the time is very short, some people did not start, just read the tutorial, there is no hands-on, this, I deeply regret. Although you pay the money, but you do not operate, is your own loss, he did not use such a good resource.

maybe a few people will think, teacher, you see the effect, we have no effect, this is why?

we actually operate the same way you are, the only thing that I do every day, a repeat of the matter, you do not, or do not work for some time, no effect, is a normal thing.

There are

students too greedy, done up on the top today, it is not desirable, I have repeatedly stressed that the QQ ranking, the play is by weight, ranking by is a directory, a directory and a domain name is a gap.

I generally recommend that, from the search index, the fight for a relatively small word to play, and so you have the effect, you can further upgrade, playing hot words, or actually compete for the larger words, there is no problem.

in the process, you can accumulate some knowledge and resources, it is easier to play together.

ranking circle in the QQ space, there are a lot of low-key expert, rarely chat group, are playing their own projects,

if you are free, the group of friends one by one as a friend, one day you may suddenly find that an expert on your side.

has a mind map master, 1 days and 1 Book 1 picture will be able to understand, learn fast ultra simple,

has a network marketing lecturer, proficient in the 108 types of network marketing, recruit effective,

has a badminton electricity supplier industry leader, WeChat millions of fans,

has a vertical portal founder, annual sales of 10 million,

if you don’t know these things, I don’t understand. Are they too low-key, or are you too lazy?

no matter what age, contacts is very important, I do not say this, I believe you can understand, but if you understand, but did not

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