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Professor, Institute of breast cancer, Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University,

vitamin D is involved in calcium and phosphorus metabolism, promote bone growth. The level of "D 25" (25-OH-D) in human plasma can well reflect the status of vitamin D in the body. This newly published by the nutrition science research of Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences Institute of Chinese (referred to as the Shanghai Institute of life science nutrition) in a China women’s studies conducted jointly with the Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Xuhui District Central Hospital showed that vitamin D supplementation can prevent breast cancer.

investigated by monitoring the vitamin D levels in serum of patients with breast cancer and 593 cases of females in Shanghai area and 580 healthy women showed that vitamin D deficiency is common phenomenon, only 4.8% healthy women and 0.7% breast cancer patients with vitamin D is sufficient. Breast cancer patients with a severe lack of vitamin D are as high as 96.1%, and vitamin D deficiency is significantly associated with the incidence of breast cancer in china.

in the study population, the plasma level of 25-OH-D increased by 1 ng / ml, the risk of breast cancer decreased by 16%. Therefore, vitamin D supplementation to premenopausal women with normal weight may reduce the risk of breast cancer. To this end, we believe that the lack of vitamin D to maintain the status quo, maintaining a suitable level of vitamin D, help prevent breast cancer.

the recommended daily intake of vitamin D for adults in China is 5 micrograms, not exceeding the limit of 20 micrograms. It is generally believed that 125 micrograms can cause poisoning. For those who need to take vitamin D preparations, women should strictly follow the doctor’s advice, in order to prevent excessive poisoning.

vitamin D is abundant in animal liver, milk, egg yolk and Cod Liver Oil, salmon, tuna and other fish, may be appropriate to eat some. In addition, if you can adhere to the sun, the body can meet the vast majority of vitamin D. As long as the hands and feet exposed 30 cm, the sun in the sun for 30 minutes. Women in pregnancy, lactation period, the demand for vitamin D will be significantly increased, so more attention should be paid to the sun, as far as possible to do housework on the balcony, go out on a sunny day. More than 40 years old, leg cramps, often stay up late, pregnant and lactating women should be more sun.

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