Small and medium sized websites how to profit from intermodal games

many owners with bubble play, play, play YES Alliance ( and other joint operation of web game platform, but after joining, many webmaster gain little reaction, it should be how to improve their profitability? I talk about their own views:

first, of course, as far as possible to promote their own website, improve the flow of your site. Now a lot of join the joint operation of the web game platform site traffic, are very low, many are hundreds of IP site. In such a flow, no matter what kind of profit, it is difficult to gain profit. Therefore, the urgent task is to enhance the flow of their site as soon as possible, only to do the site traffic up, there is the possibility of profit. (now through the most profitable platform through the flow of traffic are in the day thousands of IP or so, at least 1 thousand IP or so). Have a certain flow based website, but also try to further improve the flow, in order to obtain higher yields may.

second, to increase the number of registered members of their website. Playing the game is the need to register the account, and now most of the joint operating platform can do the site has registered members can register two times without the need to log in to play the game (need to install the plug-in). The registered members of the site than visitors more easily into the game player (the website must be registered website account before you can play games, so they tend to go directly to the game’s official website registered). And, for the site’s registered members more easily propaganda, such as the station letter, e-mail, etc.. Therefore, the site should be as far as possible to the site’s visitors to the site’s registered users.

third, as much as possible to promote the game channel, for example, can take the open forum section, placing advertising proprietary banner, released zhidingtie, send mail, etc.. Webmasters can also be based on their own characteristics and strength of the site, planning a number of promotional activities, such as playing the game sweepstakes, playing games presented forum points, honor and the like. The webmaster in peacetime to promote their own website, can promote their passing game channel. In short, as much as possible to take some measures to make use of all available resources to promote the game channel. In addition, the promotion of the game is a routine work (like website promotion), we must adhere to long-term results.

fourth, to continue to learn from other sites. Usually must pay more attention to promote sharing experience of other site owners released under the joint operating platform forum posts, and join the official QQ group, more than other webmaster exchange of learning, the only way to gradually improve their level of promotion, and obtain more revenue.

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