Website promotion in eight should not consider the operation mode


Baidu search engine change is very large, the Admin5 forum, many webmaster complain, how my chain dropped? Fluctuate so much? How so much the chain has no effect? The number of the chain falling? Many novice must have to worry about the hair of the chain. I think many new webmaster forum signature in your blog to reply. Every day to do some boring work, but no results. In particular, the recent assessment of Baidu’s external chain more severe, while the quality of some of the bad or collected articles to clean up. The number of sites related to this page also reduced the number of chain. So, want to ensure the quality of the chain, we must first ensure that the stability of the web site of the chain. So let me to do 4 months of experience sharing website promotion website promotion skills and we hope for the new owners just do SEO indicates a good road.

1, BBS signature – to the major SEO forum to find PR high Baidu snapshot fast forum as a link to promote the chain outside the channel. I don’t need to say it in detail. But to mention is that for some weight is high webmaster nets can consider more global forum, enhance the authority to increase the length of the signature.

if lazy friends can go to the summer wind Sina blog to view the article "part of the classification of high weight forum URL list", I have updated the list.

2, establishing a blog group, personal recommendation 6~8 can, (such as Sina blog, blog, blog, search room 163 gold blog, Baidu space, etc.) can be used to check the webmaster toolbox high weight blog, registered blog maintenance, each blog links between each other to add. Usually to the forum to write the original article, you can also copy a forum. Let the forum weight slowly improve. At the same time in the release of the forum signature or write soft Wen also bring these blog links. As soon as possible to improve the weight of the blog. Do blog group is to increase the chain after the reserve force, blog group will have at least a few months to see results.

3, write soft – I want to write about the software is bound to be a headache for many webmasters thing, because it is difficult to write can not write. But I think it is not for you to write essays, not very difficult, in fact, as a webmaster can do this to a few months, in doing this or promote SEO will have good experience and experience to share with you, so as to write to himself has been in the road of SEO. As I now, the thought of the contents of the summary and list out, the more detailed the better. As readers will understand what you want to express, the more detailed the more readers need.

4, false original – why the false original and soft text separate? Soft is in their original article to add the chain. The pseudo original is in the original article of others to modify, in line with the original standard pseudo. If you do not have the original content of the case, that can not write a good experience, you can consider looking for online

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