A5 financing briefing sun printing network for billion yuan investment, investment profit McGrady pe

1 sun screen

Investment: Fosun Group led with

and Softbank investment

investment amount: 350 million yuan

June 29th news, China’s largest enterprise printing and ordering products electricity supplier sunshine printing network announced the completion of the C round of financing. Sunshine printing CEO Zhang Hongmei announced that this round of financing amounted to 350 million yuan, by Fosun Group, Softbank investment led with investment.

sun printing network is a one-stop online printing platform, prepress, printing, logistics to provide multiple printing links online service, Beijing sunshine India Yi Technology Co., Ltd. ‘s website.


2 can be traced back to the


investors: Suzhou Cong Rong fund

investment amount: 150 million yuan

June 28, 2016, three vertical mutual gold platform can be traced back to loan official website announcement, announced the completion of a $150 million A round of financing, investment for the Suzhou fund Cong rong.

can be traced back to loan is an internet financial sector the main financing and loan business startups, is in the overall guidance of institutions directly under the State Council Counselors’Office Huading Ancient Chinese Literature Search research foundation, independent research and development of innovative O2O integration platform. National cultural science and technology industry development Limited by Share Ltd.



investors: Ann grant capital, Sannuo group joint investment, CISCO, Asia Pacific Fund, linear capital, etc. with the cast

investment amount: $39 million

news June 29th, networking platform Ayla announced the completion of $39 million C round of financing, the current round of financing by anhorn capital, Sannuo group jointly led, CISCO, Saif Asia Fund, linear capital, international financial company, IFC capital, SJF ventures, crosslinked Voyager with the cast again. April 2014, Ayla completed a $14 million 500 thousand B round of financing.


4 blue whale media

investors: Tianfeng securities lead investor, millet, cheetah with cast

investment amount:

financial information service providers whale Media Group announced that has completed B round of financing billion yuan. According to reports, this round of investment led by Tianfeng securities, millet, cheetah and other investors with the cast.



investment profit

Investor: Jingdong clothing

investment amount: 30 million yuan

news June 30th Profit Investment announced received 30 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is clothing Jingdong. This round of financing is mainly used for product optimization and marketing. Investment profit is an internet financial transaction.

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