Network marketing how to earn 1 million free promotion platform

you all know that the information released by the B2B platform can bring great benefits to the company, whether in the absence of the site or in the network marketing has been very mature. But a lot of network marketers just know in the B2B platform to release information, do not know the principles of the B2B platform to release information or some preparations. Here, I combined my experience of this time, summed up some of the resources of the B2B platform.

Before the

release of information on the B2B platform, we must do some preparatory work: to determine the profit model, target customers, product core keywords, grab principle analysis, collect B2B platform promotion platform. Here we must make three forms.

: the first key vocabulary

will be divided into regions, product characteristics, industry classification, core products, profit model, etc. in the form of classification, after finishing our company can basically refer directly to this form. Do this form, thousands of keywords is not a problem.


selected words in general with the tools are: Baidu keyword tool, Google recommended tools, through the relevant search keywords, use Baidu keyword, using index mining high flow input box drop-down menu mining.

second: platform summary table


input before collection, query results in Baidu, look at all the top 10 of the platform, will the collected production platform "summary", the contents of the form: name, keywords, platform platform website, platform ranking.

third: key platform optimization table

will be made before the "platform summary table" delete duplicate information platform, and analysis and optimization of key position of each platform, making "key platform optimization table", the table of contents: name, keywords, platform platform website, platform ranking, key position optimization. Collect 100 platform information.

how to focus on optimizing the location of the platform


here I will use a case of our company to analyze it. We enter the "Changsha promotional album printing" on Baidu to see our company’s online packaging information on the home page.



China Packaging Network in the optimization of this to do a good job, we enter the "Changsha publicity album printing" to see the red text more. Now we focus on the analysis of Baidu is how to grab the information of China packaging network. Baidu in the grab this information is the rule of Information Title Chinese packaging supply information + release information, we can not do optimization, we can do the optimization in the title, according to the characteristics of products to do optimization; look at the title + description is: China packaging network information + Title +>

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