Network marketing method from SEO

to do the network of people, especially for the SEO website optimization, as we all know, SEO is search engine optimization, specifically, through some keywords optimization of our site, in order to achieve the search engine ranking purposes. In fact, we can think deeper, we optimize the site is to get more traffic, in order to promote our website, to get a better income. SEO is an effective way to promote the network, and our network is to promote our network marketing efforts. Network marketing and network marketing has always been inseparable, and that we are in the process of optimizing the site, and whether it runs through some of our network marketing ideas?

below to see our usual SEO site optimization related to the network marketing ideas, and look at how to do better?

1 positioning marketing (website target keyword selection)

through the site to select the target keywords, to determine the theme of the site, the title of the process, in fact, is a very important marketing method with positioning marketing is very close. Positioning marketing, personally think is more important, the following will be described in detail, how to optimize the site in the process, but also do a good job positioning marketing.

in order to better understand the positioning of marketing, we would like to give an example, if you want to open a store, or a company or website.

the first thing you need to do is to position yourself". Determine what you want to sell, and these products are sold to whom is your target customers. Your products sold to customers, but also to bring them what value and so on, are starting from the positioning. Your personal positioning, the company’s positioning, product positioning, customer positioning, market positioning, positioning and so you need to analyze. If you start with the wrong position, or the location is not detailed enough, there is no specific direction, then you will fail. This is like you give your web site to determine the target keywords, if your keyword is no commercial value, it gives you the first page of the first page of Baidu, what is the use. There is no traffic volume is a painful thing.

so, we do everything, we should first locate.

2 (leveraging the marketing site outside the chain release)

we are in the release of the chain, are running to other people’s Web site, the use of the advantage of resources on his site, to our site plus, increase the weight. Especially in the large web site on the link, the benefits of our website is not to increase the weight so simple. Due to the large site traffic, we can release the chain to bring us a lot of traffic, so as to bring our customers, access to income. This is actually "leveraging marketing". We do not have the resources, others have, we are not good at, others are good at.

mutual supply, mutual benefit. This tells us that in the website, do business, learn.

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