New means of network marketing under the new form

      interactive network marketing as a new marketing method has once again become a hot topic of discussion. In the past ten years of the Chinese Internet, network marketing should adopt what new marketing tools, marketing methods to adapt to the situation, to develop? Compared to the electronic commerce website construction early simple enterprise network and B2B, B2 C, today’s Internet how to give users and enterprises to provide the most effective, the most efficient information?

      in the initial stage of the development of China’s Internet, e-commerce website network marketing mainly focused on enterprise network and B2B, B2C. The enterprise network construction, although both sides realized on the Internet through E " ", but they are still in the isolated state, it is difficult to find a buyer to the seller and the seller information, publish online information, it is difficult to play the role of spreading. Later, the rise of B2B, the B2C electronic commerce website although take both parties to communicate platform role, establish mutual relations association " " however, due to the high complexity of the social economic structure, makes a single e-commerce website to cover one or several specific industries and most manufacturers, it is difficult to gather all the potential the buyer to provide enough business opportunities for vendors.

      changes in the Internet environment, the urgent need for some of the emerging network marketing tools, the emergence of marketing tools. In today’s Internet, based on the immediate needs of users and business instant messaging tool, has become the protagonist of today’s network marketing. Instant messaging tools should be said to be one of the most common means of network marketing, such as MSN, QQ and other instant messaging is that we are very familiar with the product. In China, MSN and QQ users accounted for an absolute majority, and both use a small number of people. But when we use these two kinds of instant messaging software is not difficult to find, they still take the entertainment chat, although MSN is positioned as a business communication software, this is their own devices with QQ differentiation competitive packaging, but in essence is still a chat communication tool. Although the two kinds of instant messaging tools into some business functions to a certain extent, but can not change the chat tool as some of the drawbacks of business communication, so enterprises must start from a professional point of view in the choice of software, instant messaging tools selection can really bring efficiency for the enterprise. At present, instead of in the market is like for speakers without the need to download any plug-in for Internet users, instant messaging tools not only help users to find the valuable information to help customers is easier to communicate with users, unified enterprise network brand, find more business opportunities.

      from the recent survey of a large IT site do, as the most pioneering spirit of enterprise groups, the domestic.

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