Practice has proved that the soft hair Admin5

recently a big update PR, my new station on the PR2, and now many people say that PR is not worth the money, I did not say this, but there is always a good PR. Here, thank you for Admin5, because the Admin5 should not give us the feeble Wen grassroots platform, my mouth network eloquence is absolutely impossible to get a small success today so easily


before I made a Admin5, "the master of all walks of life along the way," the article, it seems that we all like it, the evaluation looks good. Thank you! Just in Baidu and Google search of this article. It is now a lot more, the site selections! Webmasters are aware that to promote a website can go to the webmaster website to write soft text, such as in the article is very effective! Why?

       PR first, right of major, you write an article here, not long after the search engine included, will give us the station gave an effective link; secondly, Admin5 traffic is very high so, just write good articles that you go to see the original site of the person is absolutely a lot, although many IP are meaningless; finally, many websites especially the webmaster site will collect Admin5 articles like this, I add my site link at once it can be circulated on the Internet a lot.

this article first is starting on my personal blog ( and Admin5 (, stationmaster net according to incomplete statistics, the following websites are my article:

1, Tianya community:

2, source soft China:

3, eight dimension:

4, PHPChina: Ti>

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