Several major errors, APP minefield promotion! Do not enter the consequences.


misunderstanding: the new channel is too narrow

new early promotion of the two main channels, one is through the independent application market in free activities to improve exposure, another is through pay channel promotion, pay promotion mainly to CPA, market access to the user application form. Although the amount of CPA is mainly from the network alliance, each SDK platform banner push, plaque, integral wall contour, but as mobile phone users, usually on this form of advertising is very easy to produce resentment, put quality natural CPA will be questioned by customers, user retention, long use etc. it is often difficult to achieve satisfaction CP.

I found in the communication, many new products will not attempt to apply the 360 mobile phone market, Baidu mobile phone assistant dotting assistant, millet, HUAWEI and other users of high quality in the promotion, even as much, mumayi, pea pods and other second tier application market are rarely involved, and the market is to control the budget, has a very positive the effect of reduced activation cost. A lot of CP easily in CPA have fought, it is easy to make the difficult choice in this situation for the promotion of worry about personal gains and losses, particularly detrimental. The first is about the marketing channels and then is comprehensive, accurate, only to connect, in order to achieve good results.

error two: the promotion of early, the application of strict market assessment of new users

frankly, some CP born is not like CPA, but more willing to try the mainstream market CPD, CPT, CPC and other forms, that is the only way to get high quality users. This choice is a forward-looking, but for new, many CP try these forms, often through the channels of the short-term assessment of new users and to see if the retained standard, high short-term costs once, will give up the form of arbitrary. This is not advisable in my opinion.

I had previously received an educational product customers, through the launch of the cocoa store to promote, the first smallpox 5000 yuan, bringing new users of the 600. But customers feel that the cost is high, and then not put. It should be noted that, before the launch, the APP only 50 new users per day. In terms of price, 5000 yuan of investment in exchange for double the rise of new users, which is undoubtedly worth. If you persist, the effect may be better. Then put Baidu CPD hand to help the customer requirements, but after a period of time found user retention is about 30%, again abandon Baidu.

here I want to say is, as a continuously updated product, would need a market gradually adapt to the process, the market channels and improve product exposure also need step by step, it is necessary to develop the view of the prospects for the future, only in the short term assessment retained is undoubtedly short-sighted.

error three: can not correctly evaluate the effect of the platform


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