The pre inspection to which hospital is good time to check what the best health network

refers to the pre inspection of two couples before pregnancy to the hospital physical examination, through this check can ensure that after the birth of the baby more healthy, so as to achieve our country advocates eugenics, but also to avoid overly serious diseases in children suffering from. Then the pre pregnancy check to which hospital is good? What time is the pre inspection of the best


1, large professional hospital

generally, in the process of choosing hospital, must choose the large and professional hospital, this is very important, including women and children and people’s Hospital, through the large hospital inspection, to obtain the most accurate results, but also can avoid the high fees. In general, the pre inspection of selected hospital is later pregnant women after birth and during the production of the hospital, if not choose professional hospital, it is likely to bring great threat to women’s health, and may have a great impact on the health of the fetus.

2, the pre inspection time

according to scientific investigation, the pre inspection must be in a couple of months before pregnancy to prepare 3-6 to. Because in this time period, can avoid hasty pregnancy. If in the process of inspection, the couple two people appear any abnormal situation, or there is not suitable for pregnancy phenomenon, there is still enough time for treatment. In this way, when the husband and wife two people in a healthy state of health and then pregnant, you can make the baby born more healthy, but also to avoid the occurrence of deformity.

these are the pre pregnancy check to which hospital good answers, we will be able to know what time the pre pregnancy check. In addition, two couples before pregnancy check, but also understand the note pre pregnancy check, do not be mistaken, it can not only avoid delays in pre pregnancy check, also can avoid the error.

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