The dog and wolf Diao gone, wool should be in what place

1, has been the main support of China’s Internet model is: wool out of the dog.

2, in fact, the dog is not a stupid dog, they found that the search PV higher than the portal, they found that the initiative to point out the user out of the PV than the portal point out the point of browsing PV more nutritious. So they began to choose a more nutritious Baidu.

3, a few years ago, people began to cry up wine and sell vinegar, in the mouth with wolf beautiful edge ball, find a way to pull the wool from the sheep – SP (wireless value-added service).

4, now the most in sheep hair is Ma Huateng.

5, Ma Huateng in the poor lamb hair, the journey of Shi Yuzhu but in the side of the sheep raising a lot of old sheep wool.

6, however, if SP does not pay taxes, the fight against pornographic sites it will be spared?
if online games do not pay tax, it Chinese vitality than yellow website strong? There will be parties to work together to find ways to engage in what "anti addiction," the sheep dressed?

7, the rapid growth of Internet users, applications continue to expand, the continuous improvement of the value of the internet… I do not believe that the Internet will have winter. The key problem is
: when the flocks of sheep came, who has the ability to pull out from their body hair.

8, really support China’s next stage of the Internet will be online games? No E-commerce should be more reliable, at least I am here every month to spend thousands of pieces.

9, Google or Baidu if bought downfallen million net, coupled with their advertising alliance, and enterprise customers. Alibaba’s job may not be able to have more solid, China’s e-commerce may not be a dominant…

sheep, Internet users.
dog, advertisers.

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