Wanton copy of malicious tampering with the wind to copy your integrity

              every day of peace, in the webmaster web browsing articles, learning experience. Read such an article "how to promote the image of the website". Details of the article are: http://s.admin5.com/article/20080430/82459.shtml  source: ah ah time: 2008-04-30 19:59

              inadvertently read the passage of such a sentence, "the book’s point of view……". This article as a whole, it seems not to introduce the tone of the book content to write, why is this book? And I found that the content of the article before and after the convergence is not natural, detailed slightly is not appropriate, can not help but confuse.

            so, copy this book view……" This sentence to search. This just understand "how to promote the image of the web site," the second half of this article verbatim copy of another article, the same content of the results of the article is not the same name. From the overall proportion of words, "how to promote the image of the web site" this article has constituted a copy!

              the first half? Random search in the first half of the sentence, friendship connection can bring a stable flow of the site bar! The result is also surprising! The first half is another article, search engine results in the article name is not the same. "How to promote the picture website" this article from the beginning to 1 (four) of this section, except the first section slightly changed a point outside, all from this article reprint. Copy copy and paste is so careless, actually will be Fourth "network advertising" second hastily lost trouble!

                      the search results from this article to see, it seems as if not only the bad behavior of plagiarism!

                  I noticed two details:


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