Ma Huateng and Wong Kwong Yu the different way to

Ma Huateng and Wong Kwong Yu, these two seemingly no contact with the characters, why can pull together?

gener said, because they are Chaoshan people; from the age of two, who is almost 2 years old and age difference of only less than 40; from the position, they are the industry’s giants are monopolies from wealth for wealth; two per capita in 2008 in Forbes a list of the top 10; by reputation, they are celebrities, who are now involved in a lawsuit.

, however, the same lawsuit, there are differences. Wong Kwong Yu is suspected of manipulating stock prices and other reasons to accept the prosecution investigation, and Ma Huateng is because someone moved his cheese to go to court to seek justice. Justice is not justice, only heaven knows. In this business community, shareholders are the days. But Wong Kwong Yu, the manipulation of stock prices, will be playing in the hands of countless small and medium investors; Ma Huateng is a big selling stocks, the Tencent’s share price from HK $more than and 60 to HK $40 fell to the lowest.

for the two cases, the public’s attitude is how? "In Wong Kwong Yu investigation" online poll, 173686 participants in answer to "do you still trust Gome brand reputation?", 48.53% of people said "doubt", in answer to "do you think Wong Kwong Yu if convicted?", 74.87% of people think that will". Similarly, in the " and Tencent dispute" online survey, 134957 of respondents answered "if you use a rainbow QQ?" when the problem, 65.72% of people said "yes"; in answer to "do you think the rainbow function provided by QQ is a violation of privacy?" is a question 56.36% say "no", in answer to "what do you think of similar QQ plug-ins?" when the problem, 55.68% of people said "love". Although the attitude of users does not represent the final legal judgment, but how many can reflect the truth, A just cause enjoys abundant support. an unjust cause finds scant support. ".

for Wong Kwong Yu, the public may temporarily and not know deeper inside, but the capital market had many such as "China Venture", "Delong" like the vehicle in front of the cover, therefore, Wong Kwong Yu’s end is basically along the car along Zhe, not too deviation. But for Ma Huateng, the case is much simpler,’s Rainbow QQ software Tencent fees, check that the IP address of each other and are invisible, a free project, therefore, Ma Huateng believed that the rainbow QQ violated the privacy of users, thus, leads the investigation on whether the invasion of privacy ". According to this logic that rainbow QQ privacy, so Tencent also violates the privacy, and the Tencent will "privacy" for business purposes, "more harm".

it is not difficult to predict, if the invasion of privacy grounds to the court, the Tencent is likely to move a stone to his feet. If the law determines the user’s I>

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