1 million 680 thousand sell xueche.com Million yuan to purchase Yuanyang, Netcom Larry domain

renamed China (eName.cn) March 4th news reports this morning, Zhong Jianfeng will "learn" to succeed Larry domain xueche.com 58 city Yao Jinbo, there is news that the price is 1 million 680 thousand. Following the sale of xueche.com, Zhong Jianfeng and a million to buy yuanyang.com (mandarin duck), wangtong.com (CNC).


: Yuanyang

recently sold about 58 city "car" is to buy the domain name xueche.com, Zhong Jianfeng in 2013 to over 6 digit price, Hangwei comment in the circle of friends said: "09 years when the purchase price is the price, the scarcity of domain determines the bargaining space is very narrow. In fact, this domain name for a long time, finally accepted the boss’s offer."


domain name yuanyang.com "Yuanyang Yuanyang, Yuanyang," meaning, suitable for marriage, logistics, electricity providers and other fields. And has the meaning of "Netcom" domain name wangtong.com, it is suitable to build a Netcom broadband online business hall. It is worth mentioning that these two domains have previously been Wei wei.

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