Baidu alliance is in trouble today

07 years in December 18th 14:20 points, just a friend reaction, Baidu Union website can not open, and even put all the Baidu theme, Baidu search ads on the page is blank.

emergency pirates looked down, right enough, and in a few minutes ago can still be open.

recent Adsense adjustment is also a lot, often see the error response. Baidu this time do not know what is the reason?

below the top of the picture is the Baidu search 960*40, did not open, the bottom of the picture below the net is the Baidu 960*75 theme. The white area above the text is a Baidu theme for 500*200, which can’t be opened. Screenshot time: 14:26


as of now 14:32 minutes, Baidu theme on the page has been basically normal display, but the speed is not fast. Search box has not yet recovered.

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