Music Amoy network sold to beauty employees Official domain name can be accessed

renamed China ( April 24th news, following yesterday’s Fantong after the collapse of today and rumors that the footwear vertical B2C website letao was sold, and the buyer is beauty company employees, and letao official domain name can still be a normal visit.

music Amoy is Bi Sheng was founded in 2008, LIAN, fund investment fund, vice chairman of the board of directors of Jinshan Group, as director of Lei Jun. 09 years began to transform the footwear electricity supplier, the transformation of the four degrees in the past five years, the negative news is also constantly, first music Amoy official website can not be a normal visit, and then face the rumors of the collapse of the outside world.

today, letao came to be sold by the news, the query Chinese renamed domain whois domain domain name registration system, in 2007, there have been changes to domain name information in December 30, 2013, consistent with the rumors of the end of last year, the domain name contact from the "Bi Sheng" is changed to "LUXIANGLONG".

it is understood that the official micro-blog music Amoy in October last year to stop the update, and music Amoy CEO Bi Sheng micro-blog also in the year to stop the update in October. In addition, the music Amoy network official website shows only about a thousand kinds of SKU, comments on the goods are basically stay in August last year.

for letao who sold? Three versions of the network: first, I heard that the company will go bankrupt, reluctant to leave the beauty of colleagues, reluctant to leave the company, then let her dad put the company received; second, the former head of operations of VP; the third version is a Guangzhou shoe company collect.

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