WeChat small program launched in January that this is the failure of cold augural

WeChat small program, this was once a god of the product, but now, like fireworks, disappeared in our circle of friends after the spring festival.

asked around a lot of teams and projects, either in the original program on a conservative attitude (or slow) or is the original will be pleased with oneself, the small program development plan is terminated, a small program has been hanging out of the Zhang Xiaolong CEO team, can only be said to receive some substantial effect in popularity and propaganda. Released on the same day, the various sectors of the industry KOL pull up a variety of small program discussion group, and now also attributed to calm.


dynamic small program, it really so quickly dissipated?

The answer is not so

, prior to the "how to understand WeChat small procedures" in one article, [] Penguin ecology said, small program has a big impact on what today’s leading Internet world is not even, the Tencent did not need this small program product.

therefore, users and practitioners in a very short period of time is not normal for small programs are not aware of.


program is a small but extremely important to WeChat’s own products, it is WeChat to avoid QQ, a Tencent the underlying platform and pipeline is the key; in the WeChat O2O, WeChat electricity supplier and a series of direction of frustration, entrepreneurs, and third party developers love does not feel tired after the last chance to separate WeChat the growth of an ecological.

so, compared to Zhang Xiaolong’s small program ideal model. In subsequent operations, WeChat will inject a variety of small program resources, flow injection, subscription relations, a circle of friends to share, recommendation mechanism and other functions, near the store, search box, people in the vicinity, sweep shake entrance, after all about rate will begin to fill a small program flow. This small program is really beginning to run.

also must be a by-product of bringing attention as well as the WeChat applet, applet is the Alipay version of the. From the Tencent and Ali group attaches importance to see if Alipay gives the small program, a little less than WeChat to give small program attention.

The initial version of the

is a small program, WeChat dropped its traffic advantage and social advantages of products, which is equal to itself to the same level with Alipay online, which makes Alipay a "original small program is the most suitable for Alipay products" feeling.

so, from the small program to stir small program cold this month, in fact, there are many things in the dark and change, try to analyze ecological Penguin [] interpretation, welcome.

is a small program that is too cold, the WeChat team led to the wayward.

from hot to cold, a small program the initial version of the problem is too idealized design. Let developers themselves to spread the entrance of the practice, in fact, is to allow developers to their own traffic

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