Analysis of the effectiveness of social media marketing

from micro-blog, the community, share platform, light blog and community platform, social media marketing was the pinnacle, many companies are trying to get social media marketing flow, fired in marketing after the return to a rational point of view to raise a Babel of criticism of, see the effectiveness of marketing, social media is really to the enterprise go to the desired effect, whether it brings to the enterprise turnover? Part-time as a member of the use of network marketing, and we discuss the efficacy and return of social media.

social eventually brought traffic

Along with the rise of

social prosperity, large enterprises in the use of social marketing, but here I want to say is social marketing does not bring more volume, some customers most just. Of course, this is the enterprise marketing planning do not want to see the effect, but it is an ironclad fact. It is a social networking, customer is more of the platform is of course interaction, making friends, chat for marketing mode, in the rise of social early have got benefits from social enterprises, should have received the order volume, after the peak period after the emergence of more endless advertising, and common liar speculation this behavior, so many customers shopping on the closed heart, micro-blog deceived events occurred frequently, more drama could not bring the real volume of social facts, there is only traffic, but it has a high conversion rate of flow to the bottom, nature is self-evident.

social channel single

social marketing channel present situation, the main marketing channel is micro-blog social, micro-blog social profit model is not mature enough, even the boss of micro-blog Sina platform, it is only in the water phase of social profit, whether for enterprises to do marketing for long term, and to detect the bulk of enterprises, and the Limited to development of social media, large companies are reluctant to try, small enterprises are still in use on the stage, the stumbling block of single channel limited social marketing has become the main marketing. But like the discuz forum has begun to inject micro-blog social, SMO to join the community with a new model of development, the community also let SMO have a more recent development, marketing channels may be more abundant point. Social and traditional marketing to promote the transaction

when new things to a certain stage of development, there will be people began to discuss the new model will replace the traditional, for marketing does not appear SMO instead of the SEM phenomenon, the SMO market demand is relatively large, the ability is the need for more enterprises to provide more updated content for users to interact, but for some traditional businesses, want new content might be difficult, most can only give the product from different angles and promotional activities, promotional products for users to discuss new topic. Based on this can not have the new content of the enterprise, and ultimately need the traditional marketing model, two different marketing model will only appear common complementary, common promotion role. Social marketing is more for the enterprise to provide customer sources, and

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