Blog service

A moving company ", and the blog":

Object: Sina blog, blog, NetEase, Sohu, MSN Space TOM tribe blog, Tianya, China, the blog, blog, blog China China column, DoNews, crooked cool blog, blog, BlogBUS, BlogDrive Sims, Baidu space, mop blog.

service features: the ID blog articles, links, pictures; streaming media files embedded in the article, the need to manually adjust;

move process:

1, registered an account on Sina blog;

2, to [email protected] the theme of "I want to move, to help me" and in the mail, please specify the content in the original blog address and the address in the blog

3, at the same time in the original blog issued a notice you want to move.

4, within 24 hours (Saturday, except) the whole process and moving company service personnel to help you complete the move.

Object: the BlogBus for Blogcn, Bokee, Sina blog, banner elite, Sims blog, UUZone, blog, blog, MSNSpace, NetEase tribe, Sohu BlogDriver, blog and other 12 sites provide relocation services.

move process: (with moving process)

1, a blogbus registered in blog;

2, select the site to be moved blog;

3, enter your blog site in the moving page;

4, selected articles.

5, click start to move, wait;

6, save the generated XML file;

7, landing BlogBus into the management center – "utility" – Import and export, the XML file will be downloaded into the Bus, complete.

three, Baidu space moving services:

Object: MSN SPACE and Sina blog.

move process:

enter your blog address in the Baidu move out of home service, enter the verification code, start to move.

the premise is that you must log on with the help of moving here.

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