Huang Manxi FourSqaure remodeling website promotion model

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website user viscosity is not rooted in line, but the next line of Party and brand activities; it is a kind of FourSqaure website would cause such attention, because of the emergence of virtual Mo that the social life in the real scene, really gave birth to the commercial value of social networking sites.

FourSqaure social networking site: online is not equal to virtual

FourSqaure is a foreign online social networking sites, and traditional social networking sites is different, FourSqaure is more focused on user interaction in the offline activities; such as user somewhere when dining can be declared the position by FourSqaure, in order to obtain the integral position.


at first glance, you may be on this a contemptuous disregard reward, but in fact this is the wild street view, similar to the happy farm practices; however, FourSqaure is not a kind of vegetables but yourself. As the user’s psychology, is to get a positive affirmation.

line promotion, a sustained user accumulation.

The success of

FourSqaure is based on the extension model of polymerization is the next line of the user, so that the network life extends to the real world; while the Internet has become an important part of people’s life, but the general network activity or subject to the traditional consciousness, so why the FourSqaure model can be used for reference. Because the FourSqaure is absorbed in the path of the traditional website promotion mode, and this mode allows users to consciously go viral.

Internet users are often based on the extension of polymerization platform, such as car2100 through 12 years of accumulation has produced large quantities of users, but if there is a kind of interactive mode, the number of users even in the hundreds of thousands above the level, but the commercial value still in sleep.

FourSqaure told us that the line is actually the core to keep the user to expand the user viscosity; because only offline implantation can really dominate the user’s life experience, so as to realize user aggregation.

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