Hong Kong and how embarrassed the elephant condom, 58 city into play


"Hong Kong" and how embarrassed

elephant condoms, 58 city and other play with

Zhao Chuan for the film "embarrassed" Hong Kong specially produced a 1 meters high, 2 meters long green plastic elephants for transport to Hongkong, with the elephant, he also has hundreds of condoms. He wanted to put the elephant on the "Scene" in Hong Kong embarrassed brother-in-law Babel saw Xu Zheng out of the hotel after taking a condom and then rushed out.

although the crew said the lens may not be able to shoot the elephant, but Zhao Chuan still have to try. He is the identity of the Beijing elephant and his friends Technology Co., Ltd., CEO, which is an Internet spirit of the condom manufacturer. In the "Hong Kong" embarrassed, the elephant and the film side implanted cooperation.

the plastic elephant was packed in wooden boxes and shipped from Beijing to Hongkong, but was stuck in customs. In October last year, this season the hot Hongkong has cooled, and the occupy central campaign but raise a Babel of criticism of be in full swing. Check the entry customs slow. In the studio, to visit the Zhao Chuan constantly phoned anxiously urging. But until the finished distribution of elephant condom in this play, the elephant no entry.

later, he had to ask a friend from Shenzhen carrying two boxes of condoms into Hongkong, in order to prepare for the subsequent play. There are more than and 700 boxes in each box. The whole filming process, with "Hong Kong" embarrassed to convey the style of "embarrassed embarrassed".

despite the twists and turns of the process, but when it comes to the final results of the film and his product in the film, the effect of implantation, Zhao Chuan is very satisfied, but also more than expected. To October 3rd "embarrassed" Hong Kong has received more than 1 billion 200 million at the box office, and continues to grow. That year, Xu Zheng’s works "embarrassed" Thailand is the first 1 billion made films at the box office breaking. The audience welcomed, with great expectations in the comedy film sold at the same time, also let more viewers to see the movie in those implanted brand.

The highest level of

implantation is to promote the development of plot

elephant is one of them. The movie has 58 city, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Chinese life insurance, a total of 14 brands and so on pulse. For them, the hotter the film, the more exposure the brand, the more likely to leave the impression of the brand in the minds of the audience.

elephants get a great exposure. Xu Zheng out of the hotel, such as the taxi to leave the scene, waiting for the car next to a few teams wearing green sexy clothes to push the release of the elephant elephant condom. And see Xu Zheng took a condom, rushed out after the shock to these people, and then hit a condom on the ground. Not only that, "holding up the elephant," is the slogan with push Miss introduced by the movie "broadcast". This is a real push to the scene was put on the film, it is too natural to see.

"Bao Beier almost ran dead, Xu guide to

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