Fragmented and inaccurate classification is the weakness of information portal

exist in the form of community portal areas, such as the West Temple, 19 floor, Hefei forum, Xiamen fish forum, long lane etc.. All along, weak profitability is a common problem of such sites. The main reason for this problem is the following 2 reasons:

The essence of

BBS: Broadcast strong but weak accuracy. BBS suitable for broadcasting, interactive, but it is difficult to accurately BBS information, community audience needs, the theme of the same piece of fragmentation trend, bigger and stronger category is not an easy task.

business model design bias. BBS e-commerce transaction volume is difficult to accurately quantify the effect of community marketing is often calculated through the offline activity volume. We know that the maximum value of the community is the marketing word-of-mouth and brand building activities, excessive pursuit of single volume is simply the absolute thing.

at this point, the industry has a variety of solutions:

fence using a solution to the transformation of pure e-commerce, trying to control the channel through e-commerce, the community in the community to stifle the initiative of community marketing power.

Hefei forum adopted a "community marketing + e-commerce" model. Hefei forum in the near future launched a wedding treasure e-commerce platform, in the community to promote buyers, sellers interactive community marketing, in the wedding treasure platform interactive e-commerce transactions.

small fish forum model is bound in the community off the job network life classification information.

classification of life information patterns in the near future is very popular, although the industry questioned the voice is very strong. This is also the voice of doubt:

1, the classification of information in the community to solve the problem of inaccurate features, ignoring the industry is not accurate, the root cause. In the functional design to solve the information is not accurate, but still can not solve the lack of precision in the vertical field is not strong enough. At present, the main way of the Internet is still advertising, advertising emphasis is accurate". In the face of competition in front of the vertical portal, to take the classified information model of the regional integrated portal repeatedly defeated.

2, classification information model is difficult to improve the degree of information. We know that the information in different industries, there must be a way to show differences. For example, the automotive industry and consumer goods show different ways. In this issue, the advantages of e-commerce platform is extremely prominent, such as Taobao on the use of different categories of different solutions. On this issue, I can not help wondering: customers need to classify information? If there is an e-commerce platform, but also the need to classify information


3, the classification of information profit model is difficult to design. Gateway community operators had trapped in a profitable way, after the classification of information solutions, may find the situation worse. A little bit of advertising still can not get rid of the label is not accurate, map search, keyword advertising, advertising labels can receive a single fee is pitiful. In the face of the long tail distribution of countless

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