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[TechWeb] September 9th news, Alibaba’s general station software phpwind CEO Wang set recently said in an interview, phpwind will put the line of electronic magazine "the world" and the ground station activities combined promotion. In addition, Wang set also revealed that phpwind will cooperate with China civilink jointly launched a rapid establishment of products, is expected to be released in October.

According to Wang Xueji

, phpwind already does not distinguish between a free version and a commercial version since 2003, but the distinction between commercial and free service users, to provide the corresponding business service needs of customers on the part, such as the product upgrade service, website, website architecture and deployment of BUG repair. Phpwind from the beginning of technological innovation, to improve the product in the late, and then to enter the post Ali is mainly to provide cross platform resources, mainly technical innovation. Phpwind only one product, which is different from the other station software. Phpwind with this single core multi model products can build forums, portals, SNS, etc..

Wang Ji said, phpwind positioning is mainly based on small and medium Internet Co. These small and medium-sized Internet Co need to solve the problem is: domain name space, web site program, shop, earn money, phpwind will try to provide the corresponding resources.

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Wang Xueji, phpwind’s partner, sina Taobao alliance invited micro-blog to start with ChinaZ Admin5, the search for new opportunities, meet new friends "national ground exchanges, will be in the 40 national city, 24 provinces, held face-to-face exchanges with the webmaster activities. Phpwind I hope that through this event for small and medium-sized site entrepreneurs can recognize the opportunity to try hard even entrepreneurship; I hope you can feel the sincerity of phpwind; at the same time, small and medium-sized websites entrepreneurs understand how to realize their ideas. Through these 40 activities will pass out how to do the vertical class website, how to do a successful vertical website.

it is understood that in late August phpwind launched just pay attention to the small owners, industry, business, online electronic magazine — "master the world" Wangluo webmaster of the story, this time the launch of ground communication activities under the line. In this regard, Wang Ji said, "the world" will have a lot of late with the promotion of the combination of ground activities, and even the "webmaster world" into a paper magazine.

, according to Wang Ji set revealed that in terms of mobile Internet, phpwind will not completely for the client to do strategic planning. In phpwind it seems that the client is just a channel to the terminal, so phpwind won’t be >

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