That’s enough, the sick owners

      1 open a web page, the browser runs out of a system warning: find that you use the IE browser version is too low, easy to infect the virus! We suggest you download the Firefox browser. Then appears next to a Firefox download address (Firefox);

      2 if you are human, often search for some XX website (what XX would not say it), or add some beauty QQ chat =|| = desire passion should read this passage.

      "if you think I was good enough, and then enter the chat room and my video yo, please contact me on the left with video contact!! network inventory is getting worse, and now energy-saving chat rooms basically are transferred to the GOOGLE on the platform, only through the FIREFOX browser comes with video chat room for video show for you!!"


      if you are a job seeker, often looking for employment information on the Internet, have you seen this section of the very heart of the note?
undeniable, this sentence is very attractive to most people, but when they go to the website that excitedly said, began to fill your resume, when to fill in the verification code submitted when they will find……

      4 "never poisoning, net will be increased by 120 times the official download the latest version of Firefox browser Chinese!"

      read so much if you are confused, the Firefox (Firefox) what is it? Antivirus? Video chat room? How can there be so many sites in any way for it to do publicity promotion?

      in fact, Firefox (Firefox) is the United States Mozilla company out of a browser, and IE browser than it really has his advantage, such as web page loading speed is really fast, can stop the most window, in terms of security also do better.

      however, it also has its own problems, such as not supported by the W3C standards do not meet the web page, loading >

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