Observation the domestic nternet industry in the early closures

the impact of the U.S. financial crisis on the domestic Internet industry continues to intensify. Yesterday, the industry spread said, because of the risk of investment temporary emergency withdrawals, a 99 Chinese music website has been shut down. Another survey said that the domestic four types of sites are facing financial difficulties and the risk of collapse.

news, Chinese pop music billboard official website 99 China (www.99.cn) just went out of business. This site operations less than a year, just on the line in January this year, by a Chinese American investment of 30 million yuan. Insiders, the company recently held a meeting to discuss increasing the bandwidth of things, but on Friday because of the risk of investment divestment suddenly declared bankruptcy, liquidation of assets into the stage. Yesterday, the reporter found that the site has been unable to open the web page to remind that the link does not exist, refused to visit. The site is known as the Internet venture capital and the collapse of the first domestic Internet Co. Previously, bokee.com traced Internet industry founder Fang Xingdong funding difficulties arise, all employees can be free to leave, leaving employees did not pay. Fang Xingdong in his personal blog, said: we want to start, we must endure the winter, practical work, there is enough psychological preparation."

due to the huge amount of funds of venture capital support, new domestic entrepreneurial Internet Co in the market are generous, it is also known as the "burn". Relying on a good idea without considering the current balance of payments, which is a lot of the characteristics of the Web 2 label companies. But due to the impact of the financial crisis in the United States, the Vc firm began to tighten the purse strings, many early entrepreneurial Internet Co had to consider the problem of existence now. Bokee.com winter cut chicken ribs business denied facing the dissolution of  

not long ago, "the study of" gem of Internet industry segments, evaluation of four kinds of Web site is currently the most easily collapse: the video website (high operating costs, high risk policy, social networking sites (SNS) mainstream website has been difficult to surpass, consolidate) life search website (industry segments, earnings outlook uncertain), web games (large enterprises to enter the business to raise the threshold).

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