Tencent failure electricity supplier, search, O2O

VC, the Russian Tencent through attack Ali, cramming short board electricity supplier O2O

      financial weekly newspaper reporter Wang Xiaomei / Shanghai reported

in the Tencent qindie under the aegis of the Tencent, the development speed of the fund to make any professional investment institutions to shame: the formal establishment of three years, over 200 investment projects, involving an amount of over ten billion yuan.

but as the Internet giant Tencent’s agency, Tencent fund is different from the general investment institutions: strategic significance is higher than the return requirements. So now entrepreneurs seem to be in the beginning of the time to think about a problem: in the future of mergers and acquisitions tide, can become a necessary part of Tencent


this is related to the strategic transformation of Tencent in 2011, from an Internet Co into an open platform for the internet. This is the reflection of Ma Huateng 3Q war results: not only happy people happy.

investment DST, the Jingdong behind the attack Ali

financial weekly newspaper reporter learned from Tencent insiders, so far, Tencent investment projects have more than 200, most did not disclose.

but only from the open part of the investment project can also pry the logic of Tencent investment. According to public information: since 2009, the Tencent has invested in 65 companies, including investment in the top three is a game company, e-commerce, online mobile phone applications, respectively 13, 11 and 9.

from the investment structure, distribution center of Tencent. The first is to consolidate their base – the game layout step, from domestic to overseas, from the end of the tour, Webpage Game to full coverage of social games. Tencent in the acquisition of game companies have a great feature is: basically few acquisitions in the game, the vast majority of minority equity investment. The purpose is to ensure that the team has enough benefits to ensure that there is enough motivation to do a good job.

In addition to the

game, another force Tencent is the electricity supplier. At this point, Tencent wake up late. Until 2011, Ma Huateng realized that the electricity supplier will be the highlight of the future, began to force electricity suppliers. But at the time of development has been like a raging fire of the electricity supplier, the Tencent only after at top speed, the fastest way is to buy.

so from the beginning of 2011, Tencent began to invest heavily in electricity supplier companies, to make up for the short board Tencent. Yi, Gao Peng network, F group, good music to buy, Kelan diamond mesh, five hundred city 3C electrical network have reverted to the Tencent’s.

unfortunately, although Tencent in electricity providers have hit heavily support, but this is not a day can be filled short board, especially in the face of such a strong opponent to occupy half of the country’s electricity supplier Alibaba. The shares of the Jingdong scandal will spread like wildfire, perhaps this is Ma Huateng in the key part of the electricity supplier in the field of a comeback.

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