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technology news September 23rd morning news, Innovation workshop 2016 annual summit held in Shenzhen, announced in Southern China in addition to Innovation workshop center was officially settled in Shenzhen, Li Kaifu also with the theme of "innovation" and the trend of Chinese Internet, on current trends and Innovation workshop that investment opportunities in a speech. (Li Gen)

is the following innovative workshop chairman Li Kaifu speech:

good morning everyone, today I want to share with you the following main points:

one, we see in the eyes of the current situation of China’s Internet and the major investment opportunities we see;

two, Innovation workshop is now the deployment of major investment areas;

three, our performance over the past year.

at the beginning of the creation of innovative workshops, we are mainly concerned about the Internet, and later we have a good investment in the game, social, application APP field. But we have never positioned itself as a mere investment in the Internet company, we really need to do is to follow the trend of science and technology become an investment company: if a company can understand the trend and direction of science and technology, find the outlet, but did not see in other investors and entrepreneurs to the money brought in, this will give investors bring great rewards.

Innovation workshop has two characteristics, first, we are the most understanding of investors VC, second, we will give our entrepreneurs to bring the greatest value. Today I will focus on these two points to explain what we see in the future trend, while the investment will give entrepreneurs what value.

I. new trends and new opportunities in the Internet

Current situation and trend of

first, talk about major changes in the domestic Internet trends. These trends and changes mean that we need to constantly adjust the direction of investment and we are adjusted every year.

The following figure in the

tells us about several major changes in recent years.


in the upper left corner of the data tell us that although Chinese is the world’s largest Internet user countries, but its growth rate in the fall, which means that, in the past that rely on the demographic dividend of the business model, relying only on the burn, burn the user, after pondering mode of how to make money is not the best model for China the Internet population is close to saturation.

of course, close to full time these people are getting rich, more and more mobile payment, he may bring new investment opportunities, but before the so-called several kids do a APP fried fried red fire business model which is very hard.

lower left corner of the data show that, although the total amount of App in the rapid growth, but the actual non active App, which is more and more zombies APP. This also tells us once again that we are now looking for a new outlet, a new subject

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