My website promotion network dream series 2

wrote a post a few days ago, called "my network, my dream – home network round my entrepreneurial dream". We have given a lot of attention, thank you for your support, today to continue to sum up my experience, to share with you.

to talk about our website now, what we do is the home network, the domain name is, mainly for the Hebei market, and specifically for Hebei Shijiazhuang and Tangshan, have a specific goal and will have a direction, so that we can.

well, a few days ago summed up some publicity strategies today continue to add, will not repeat those before content.

1, at the beginning of the new site or to build some momentum, there can be an exaggeration (but not too far), this will increase the others for your own concern and is conducive to the promotion of relay.

2, we also used a small listing of promotional strategies, the cost is relatively low, the effect is not bad, the content should be appropriate to the local slogan, by the way for their own publicity. Our slogan was to create a beautiful environment, the creation of a harmonious society, of course, there are a number of foreign traders are not allowed to enter the registration, etc..

3, to a certain extent, can also make use of the local news media to do propaganda, you can choose the newspaper, not the entire report (the cost is too high), in the industry information can be linked to the advertising, the long-term.

Advertising and handle of bus

4, bus stop advertising, work well in some big city it is.

5, when your site did not initially be included in Baidu, you can choose Baidu "dialogue", they send some about the site in the local influence of mail posing as Internet users to increase their attention often.

6, in fact, the best way to promote propaganda relay is to allow customers to truly experience your advantage, the customer spontaneously for you to promote, so it is necessary to strengthen the construction of their own team, indeed for the sake of customers.

in fact, success is always accompanied by hardships, no one can casually succeed.

every time I recall those past years, I am always moved, the repeated images are destined to become eternal beauty in the journey of life. Remember to start a business, the choice of Shijiazhuang, it is the first time I went to Shijiazhuang, graduated from the University of passion often cause us to simplify the society at that time, Shijiazhuang is not clear when we go to the four corners of the world, always silly took out the map carefully check. Every time after the defeat of the creative, every hard after the move, every day every time in the songs "naive" and dedication to write a life course.

that day of life is hard, but also happy.

and I were a business partner who is handsome and talented college classmates rented two bedroom house, life is very tight. "

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