360 vice president Chen Jie the platform will not only do self research game 360


technology news July 26th morning news, said the 360 vice president Chen Jie held in Shanghai Chinajoy science and technology to accept the Sina interview, 360 to all the developers promise will do only 360 pure platform, continues to open up user data, income, service, not their own R & D game.

Chen Jie said that the current 360 hand swim platform has been fishing up, the sword of the king, my name is MT and so on a variety of over ten million level game. At present, APP distribution channels, market has accounted for a total of 70% downloads, has been the mainstream of software distribution channel, according to iResearch data, and in the 70%, 360 mobile phone assistant and accounted for 40% market share.


of Android platform user ability to pay and eco system has been a matter of controversy, especially the reminder Mobile Games developers often encounter shenru," said Chen Jie, 360 from the income data of domestic several popular games to calculate, only Android 2013Q2 platform Mobile Games income reached 1 billion 280 million yuan.

"in which the domestic Android mobile phone games on-line amount has a very significant growth in Q2 this year; domestic developers of mobile phone game is generally optimistic, catalytic coupled with the capital market, the market continues to heat up Mobile Games, an Zhuoyi no exception." Chen Jie said.

according to the company released in 2013 360, Android mobile phone game data report, user research, from the Mobile Games type game player preferences, among which 27.4% casual game player for the largest proportion, followed by the adventure and chess game player.

select the development of online game developers, in particular, is the role of role-playing games, be sure to innovation in theme and gameplay, and then find the blue ocean." Chen Jie said, with the 360 operation data analysis products and user behavior, according to the frequency of use and retention rate of the game localization and effective profit pattern, so developers in the game after the release of special recommendations concern retention rates, and retained users of the game because the game player will be retained frequency, bringing more benefits for products.

market strategy, Chen Jie suggested that developers try to internationalization after a certain order of magnitude, because the spirit of overseas users to share more and pay habits will help the product to a new level.

in terms of subject matter, Chen Jie said, according to the 360 companies on hand travel user clustering analysis found that most of the casual players up to 27.4%, followed by adventure and chess class.


online game player user accounts for all the smallest proportion (only 5.3%), but the online games is Mobile Games in gold (1334.60,5.80,0.44%) treasure, but also the mobile Internet the most clear profit model; online game player prefer to play a role, but the user’s taste more and more picky, also reminded developers in the role of the topic must be innovative this.

in terms of profit model, Chen Jie proposed development >

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