2016 April Fool’s day to the circle of marketing occasion

April Fool’s day forward marketing: This is a product from the future

in many countries and regions around the world, people will joke with each other on this day, mischief. Every year, the Internet Co of April Fool’s Day is happy moment, we have released new products, new scripts to attract people’s attention

to the age of the Internet, information overload makes a lot of people on the false news had antibody, finally has a fool’s day, each brand is mustering the strength from the creative to spoof, are reluctant to let go of it only once a year poker-faced the chance to talk nonsense. Especially to spoof product, in fact, not a user research, although it is too early.



2015 fool’s day, Google of Japan (she) bile (Jing) to (Bing) launched a "tall" air keyboard, says its aim is to those on the Internet and technology does not know how people can happiness within.


[this design is really a full of malice]

when used as long as the whistle blowing like rolls of different lengths, allows the sensor to sense different hiragana, connect a mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth, you can whenever and wherever possible "blow" the word


[suddenly feel this invention can exercise chest muscle in good girls, neon welfare ah]

said Google of course, to mention Microsoft, as the Internet operating system boss, in order to fight against apple is enough to fight

‘s face – Microsoft: Surface Watch


have more face than this April Fool’s joke? The joke of the mind, Microsoft is clearly directed at the "Apple bitch" to the heart of the OS product team is: haha, let us on April Fool’s day to frighten Cook! But the result, Cook didn’t scare you, but say good poor ah, Microsoft mobile phone, not sell and no new products, open an April Fool’s joke have no creative people, apple is really produced here, you on April Fool’s day P so ugly a map is several


two, April Fool’s reverse marketing: This is still a real

in the major brands are in the compiled scripts spoof, suddenly a brand out of it "I speak the truth", this kind of act in a diametrically opposite way attitude is often able to those who hate hate is a spoof of the April Fool’s day, people come to "capture", agree with this honest attitude, attention and communication. For example, last year’s 360 and meizu.

1, 360 sell mobile phone "is a false thing becomes true

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