4 Pinyin domain overseas knot shoot ManShang.com worth ten thousand yuan

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) October 13th – the outlook overseas major auction English domain name, domain name Detect.com on the Flippa platform with a $16 thousand node shot, nearly 100 thousand yuan, but the price is not the reserve price.


: Overseas domain name auction information

Detect.com domain name registered in 1996, the word Detect is the meaning of life can be testing, inspection and testing of many species, involving a wide range of quality assessment, applicable to all kinds of industries, such as civil engineering, water conservancy, food, chemical, environmental, mechanical, machine testing platform.

is worth mentioning is the DropCatch domain name auction platform, there are 4 phonetic domain node film, such as the end price of $1800 "full reward, unadorned and Larry domain ManShang.com, and ChenShang.com Hanfo.com," lining "dress and" poly America map "domain name jumeitu.com film, the price in turn is $770. $361 and $307.

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