Baidu zheji electronic commerce flow is king of reflection

core tip: Baidu too underestimate the strength of competitors, to enlarge their ability, which is the main cause of Baidu’s diversification strategy, many failures.

Xin Yuanwei Beijing reports

in order to allow users to find themselves, the U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon to pay every year to search engine platform Google huge advertising expenses. Three years ago, Baidu came to the reverse thinking – since they have a huge flow of entrance, why not enter e-commerce?

October 2008, Baidu e-commerce platform has officially launched, and shouted "catch up with Taobao" rhetoric. But in March 31, 2011, Baidu has announced that the ah, ah mall will be closed after a month, and suggested that businesses and users gradually transferred to its music cool days and investment companies Yao 100 partners.

for Baidu, the mall is closed there is no choice but to move. After three years of fighting, Baidu has a market share not only did not see improvement, or even serious setback. According to Analysys International released the "2010 fourth quarter online retail market scale", has a market share of only 0.1%, fell out of the top ten e-commerce sites.

mall closed ah, not only means that the failure of Baidu C2C e-commerce, but also to the search for the expansion of the expansion of the flow of the alarm sounded.

Baidu has three years of history

yes the downturn despite is well known, but suddenly announced on January after the closure of ah mall, is still slightly suddenly.

March 31st, Baidu has ah in the seller’s notice to the ah, said, a month later, there are all the goods and shops, editing, management, publishing and trading operations will be closed." At the same time, there are reminders to pay close attention to the seller and the transaction as soon as possible to deal with issues such as the transaction timeout.

ah mall closed, the impact on China’s e-commerce market can be ignored." Said Xing Kongyu, President of the school network. At the same time, due to the small size, the mall’s direct impact on the closure of Baidu is also minimal.

According to Analysys International, Baidu

statistics show Baidu has ah ah, the fourth quarter of 2010 the number of registered accounts for 745 thousand, the growth rate of 1%; the number of active users is 90 thousand. This group of data is far lower than the data announced in January this year, Taobao – registered users reached 370 million.

ah there will be no layoffs, the relevant personnel will be transferred to the new business development and operations." Baidu has a public relations department to disclose, ah, will continue to focus on life information services, while further research and explore more suitable for e-commerce and search a new model. However, specific products need to wait until the time is ripe to be announced."

Although Baidu has ah

in the electronic commerce market worth mentioning, but there are still close to the mall. On the platform of businesses and users bring small >

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