1 memory how to use hot topics to promote the website from Laden’s death

Hello, I am new No. 1 memory, today to write second articles, "from" the death of Laden "talk about how to use the hot topic promotion website" I hope to help everyone, but also help to me, oh.

today to write the hero is Laden, but the theme is not the "death of Laden" event, but the focus of this article, how to use hot events to achieve our goal of promoting the site. Although the "Laden’s death" event has been in the past few days, but the topic has been hot! Many people are holding a lively attitude, of course, this is the Chinese people’s habits. But as a webmaster, we should not just stay in the stage of watching, we have our most important work is to promote the site.

what is a hot topic?

Chinese people have a feature that is particularly fond of fun. So, can cause everyone to watch the topic, is a hot topic.

like "Laden’s death" incident, the major media coverage, stir fry to go, bored to death. However, netizens to "the death of Laden or not to mind taking the trouble into the search box. That’s enough.

two, how to find hot topics?

looking for hot topics of the method, I think that as a webmaster we are not unfamiliar, of course, there will be no difficulty, here to talk about common methods to find hot topics.

1, the major portals often focus on the latest development of

2, Baidu, Google and other search engines search list.

3, pay attention to television, newspapers and other news media

three, hot topics how to bring benefits to our website?

We know the importance of

hot topics, hot issues we have found, but how do we use hot topics to bring benefits to our web site, which is the focus of this article.

1 to increase the content of the site, improve the exposure rate of

we can according to the content of the site, select the relevant hot topic, write an article. The best is the original article, because the hot topic, the competition will be greater emphasis, the original article to help search engine included.

once the article is included in the search engine, a great chance for the site to bring considerable traffic, increase site exposure.

2, the use of hot soft writing

use hot topics to write soft Wen, is not new. Like my article, is to use the "death of Laden," the hot topic.

use hot topics to write the soft, there is a good, is easier to write. Because the topic has been, as long as we find the direction to write the text, not all


3, help micro-blog marketing

look at Tencent micro-blog, "Laden’s death" incident was fried

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