08 new year, the domain of some concern

1 domain name prices soared, the current 4 pure numbers above 3000, a good point in more than 4000-5000. With 4 of the more than 2500 pure letters have all registered, in foreign auction are $50 from. That is, any one of the 4 letters of the international domain name, more than 300-400.

CN domain name industry category, Pinyin Class optimistic about the current domain sold over 50 thousand and 10, and no wonder.

single letter in 50-100 million, double letters around 100 thousand.

2 with the agent system is not perfect, the part of the agency’s chinakayao serious. Please pay attention to the webmaster, do not covet cheap, and the registered domain name, encounter malicious agent. Will directly lead to several situations.

a) it can not find people. The phone is out of order.

b) transferred out of the transfer can not sell, but can not transfer, or transfer you need to pay 200.

C) registered 1 yuan, 100 renewals.

d) when the expiration date, the agent is directly taken away, control.

for the sake of your safety, registration time, look at the credibility of this agent. And whether the transfer is free.

3 urgent lack of domestic and foreign communication intermediary and domain name market, part of the domain name is popular in foreign countries, while the domestic one is. As part of the domain name in abroad very low price to buy, while the domestic is very tight.

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