Ali mother called on friends to resist indecent photos

also a network of blue sky and white clouds." Recently, in the tens of thousands of personal website, blog will appear a large advertising slogans against pornographic dissemination. From the beginning of February 20, Ali mother website teamed up with tens of thousands of webmaster, blog, forum, online community launched the campaign against indecent action, is expected to play the "purification of the air network in tens of thousands of websites, from me, resist the advertisement dissemination of indecent photos".

Ali mother website of this action has been the strong support of many webmasters and expressed willingness to participate. It is reported that the activities initiated by the first day, there are many small sites or personal blog home advertising will become the blue sky and white clouds, clear patterns, in this great in strength and impetus action, tens of thousands of small and medium-sized websites and blogs are aggregated by Ali mother advertising network platform, communication will appeal to users no longer hand indecent events.

it is understood that in the event of indecent photos, blog, forum has become the main channel of the photo download link, and make friends with each other so circulated events intensified. "These photos to minors and adolescents caused a very bad influence, should work together to stop its spread, although the website flow is not me, but I believe that as long as there are more people involved will many littles make a mickle." A webmaster said.

"where to start, where to end, since the blog, the forum is the source, then let the indecent photos disappear from here." Most users in the launch of the forum to resist indecent photos have said they do not want to spread this event. According to reports, yesterday, Cecilia Cheung fans have spent a lot of money to play support idol advertising, get the majority of Internet users support and public opinion. There is reason to believe that, under the advocacy of the public, it will reduce the harm to the society and the parties.

"after she Xijinqianhua, paid the price for the young and frivolous manmasheng, please a little, don’t destroy her family and destroy her happiness only." Friends of deep sea glass victims of the incident Cecilia Cheung moving letter was the vast majority of users support. "The network needs to trust and love, need a little less bad and more support, to provide young people with practical and beneficial health information is the voice of the whole society." China Internet association chairman Hu Qiheng said.

Beijing and Law Firm lawyer Xu also told reporters, according to the "Supreme People’s Court on dissemination of obscene electronic information in criminal cases the specific application of the law interpretation of several issues", the use of chat rooms, forums, email, which belongs to the dissemination of pornographic pictures 200 or more, or spread to the Internet to reach 10 thousand hits over that will be held criminally responsible for the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials.

days ago, Beijing Internet news information center also issued a circular on pornographic incident, the public security organs have begun to clean up Internet pornography special action.

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