Product design focus, impress the user’s heart

case introduction:

I have been for the company’s products to do an outdoor publicity display: mainly in the subway, airport use of products to achieve the effect of product publicity.

because the company’s products are patented products and business people, workers are one of the potential users, use the display effect can be said to be very ideal, there was a lot of people to ask: is the product of product information, whether to sell what company…… The characteristics of the product features really attracted a lot of attention, there are a lot of people at the scene showed a strong desire to buy. Because it is a product display, of course, there is no site to sell the product, so we left a business card and mall official website address.

thought in the mall single people following a few days will be in a continuous line, but on the contrary, the purchase orders in the mall scanty.

case study:

why there will be a lot of users showed a strong desire to buy


because of the use of the site, the function of the product gives the user the most direct display, touched the hearts of potential users, stimulate the desire to buy a potential user.

why is there so few people in the mall,


after the analysis of the author for 2 reasons:

1 product variety, product with various functions, the user has hualiaoyan, but eventually, the product function and how distinctive, how strange, but if this product is not a necessity, not a monopoly product, so users may feel is very distinctive products, such as the desire to buy also disappeared feel just so so, after the purchase are not very useful…… Such emotions, naturally can not form a deal.

2 similar products, homogeneous products are increasing, the information is becoming increasingly transparent, consumers choose what your products, the core competitiveness of your products where. Perhaps consumers see the product, home computer check, there a lot of similar products, how to ensure your products if not, perhaps talent shows itself, you have for others to do awake.

believes that many people have such experience, shopping malls, supermarkets, and even Taobao…… See, have a strong desire to buy and impulse when many goods, but if you do not buy at that time, after a period of time you will not have much feeling, or in the online search found a large number of similar products, you finally buy products may be another business products.

especially for most female friends, a lot of clothes you don’t wear in the closet, which is the result of impulse buying.

so what should we do?

we have to do is: to maximize the potential to stimulate the desire to buy the user, prompting the user to order. If you can’t do that, then

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