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1 menstrual pain is a normal phenomenon. Premenstrual breast pain occurs in many women during menstruation, because estrogen secretion increased, the breast nipple will appear pain, accompanied by pain, severe vibration, friction or touch as long as there will be pain. This situation will continue until the end of menstruation, and then will slowly disappear. So in the period to learn to relax, can be appropriate to the breast and nipple massage, relieve pain.

2 adolescent girls breast development period of pain is also a normal phenomenon. When the nipple develops, there will be slight pain, symptoms usually come with menarche gradually disappear, this time without tension, relax the mood to accept the changes in the body can be, can choose some of the more usual loose underwear.

3 if pregnant nipple pain is common, because of changes in pregnant women in vivo estrogen, resulting in breast hyperplasia, breast nipple will swell, pain. Of course, with the development of pregnancy, the symptoms will gradually clear. Pregnant women can not take medicine, if you want to relieve pain, can use the hot towel deposited after the nipple, I feel a little easier.

4 disease caused by nipple pain should pay attention to, such as breast hyperplasia, papilloma, breast cancer and disease requires playing the spirit of twelve, as soon as possible to the hospital for examination, so as not to delay the disease.

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