2009 Shanghai first small and medium site Cultural Festival guests list

‘s largest Internet Party, 100 heavyweight guests, 3000 industry peers, from

January 11th (Sunday) at 13:00 PM Shanghai World Trade Center

details please visit the official website: http://s.2009.021zhan.com

invited guests: Wang Chenyun (Chairman of the Organizing Committee)

invited guest list

Ma Alibaba board chairman

Chen Shanda

Li Shanyou Cool 6 network founder

Wang Zhidong Sina founder, click on the general manager of technology

old joyo.com founder, now general manager of VANCL

Wang Juntao, general manager of

6688 (old)

Yang Weiqing iResearch consulting general manager

Cai Wensheng 265.com general manager

Gao Chunhui mobile home founder

Pang Shengdong 51.com founder

general manager

Wang Jianshuo Kijiji

Zhang Guohua fence network (worry free buy Network) founder and general manager

Zhang Tao, general manager of public comment

Li Xiang bubble net general manager

general manager

Dai Zhikang Comsenz

Li Zhongwei Shopex general manager

Pei Dapeng Shopex founder

Guan Guoguang quick money general manager

refused to swim fish founder

Chinaz founder

China ALFY station

figure Wang webmaster founder

Guo Jijun Canton Czech fast code network founder

Li Xunhuan banyan general manager

Xu Guangbin, general manager of blue mans technology

Zhang crane download station

Huang Yimeng VERYCD founder

Wang Ji PHPWIND founder

Liu Xiaoguang, general manager of Shanghai rushed

Hua Junhua army Software Park founder


the guests we invite are far more than those (which are only on the list of 2008, September, and a few months from January 11, 2009). Guests are increasing every day, more details please visit the official website: http://s.2009.02>

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