Share some views on the buy station

today saw some network group purchase things, erudite, some opinions to share, do not know good, hope everyone can offer advice.

is currently 09 years of group purchase network with Taobao customers almost crazy, a lot of network group purchase jump out, but compared with Taobao group purchase net passenger Amoy straight, simple, as with the union to do. Buy is not the same, you need to pay the interface, you have to talk to businesses. If the guest or a poor, effective, and group purchase network, you do things that are not many, in addition to attract special offer discount, no other attraction, if you want to have a lot of low-priced products, but also have to go for it. For regional is also relatively strong.

if you do a good buy network?.

first, the group should choose to do a small area, such as local, consumer groups, and now there are a lot of good to do, such as A5 buy, for the needs of the owners to do a series of products. There are many other good, not a list of. There are now city buy almost every city has. A wide range of types, so that consumers are more difficult to choose, in addition to those local hotels, restaurants, etc. only in place to enjoy things, almost all of the rest are able to participate in the national group.

(key points: choose regional, group, more suitable for individuals to do)

second, buy stations should be integrated, group forums, so you can listen to the voices of consumers, you can know that those products sell well, thus driving the popularity of the site, to stimulate consumption. Allow consumers to recognize.

(pull the atmosphere, prompting buy station popularity, thus driving profit)

third, do a separate product, which is similar to the weight loss products on Taobao’s approach, it is not specific.

opinion is not much, we can do to buy navigation to early promotion, integration of their own buy station, in the integration of a forum to manage. The effect will be much better, what kind of navigation can be, 114, concise, there can be a buy station evaluation, because each group has done a good job to buy his unique place, you can slowly analyze. Handle network to do well, is that he was early, and the scope of the national.

want to buy a station to start data. A group purchase group purchase a navigation station, a group purchase forum, if you own a better understanding of the place, a regional group purchase station, in an industry to do, can save time, slowly expanded, popular, can stand above the hanging point charges for ads, I believe many people are willing to put in. Now buy the station is basically to buy the product to make money, we can change the angle, have to buy the product to do the main profit, we shot from popularity.

want to buy this line, you can explore together. QQ878816259 please indicate the group purchase idea.

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