Post Bar announced that it will soon launch electronic magazine service

April 22nd, Baidu’s largest Chinese community Post Bar announced the launch of the electronic magazine in May, this product line, will allow users to create collective quality content, and better meet the needs of users to browse and query the information search needs. The collective wisdom of this new service can integrate mining users, create more valuable information for Chinese internet promotion, Chinese Internet content of gold, and spread through the search engine to make hundreds of millions of Internet users benefit from.

according to the latest data, stick it daily active more than 200 thousand. This post is to create a massive Everfount, which precipitated a lot of the essence of the content, the introduction of electronic journal services, will greatly activate the "gold content". And paste it has been based on the interests of the theme of the gathering of users, through the joint operation of electronic magazine, users with the same hobby will be more closely shared experience, enhance interaction.

industry analysts pointed out: "in the BBS community, SNS social networking platform," user generated content "has been the lack of effective mode to explore the fine filtering content, resulting in a large number of valuable information can not be used. Stick to open the electronic magazine model, or will become a breakthrough in this difficult problem."

in recent years, the electronic magazine became popular, but because the picture or Flash closed technology based on client and uses a lot of reading, is not easy to navigate, is not easy to be retrieved, facing development bottleneck. It is understood that the electronic magazine Post Bar upcoming, there will be different from the traditional mode, in the production, sharing the threshold is very low, not only convenient for users to browse and easy to read, search engine index and widely spread to a greater extent to meet Internet users through the Internet search, access to quality information needs. It can be predicted that a large number of high-quality Internet content generation and dissemination of Chinese Internet will really promote the user to enter the era of common creation.

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