Policy you must know the new trend of the 2015 Taobao rules


trend one: improve the standard, standardize the market

is currently on Taobao, such as games, life services, education and training market is increasingly standardized, with specific conditions to access, to comply with the market order, otherwise will be removed.

addition, if operating jewelry, clothing accessories, bags, men’s clothing, bedding, clothing, cosmetics and other industries in the release of specific categories of goods seller, fill in the relevant important attributes (such as brand, material, function, approval number, production license number, function category, certificate, warranty Product grade). According to the different situations of choice or forced upload tag, identification certificate, warranty card, durable service standard, security card, real packaging map making plans.

according to the actual situation of the goods fill in the relevant information, and can guarantee the information page in commodities (such as commodity title, pictures, attribute, description and other details) consistency, the seller of goods have the opportunity to show consumers preferred. Conversely, if the seller to fill in the attribute information is not true, or the relevant information on the commodity page are inconsistent, taobao.com will be in accordance with the "rules" of spam, Taobao does not match the description rules are processed.

two trends: criminal recidivism be lighter,



vintage to regroup, but 89 yuan a T-shirt every guest would you buy



business scholar, seems to be misfits. But because there are many old books, thinking training is very good, can better extract information than others. He first achieved good results in excellent assist Lei, and later in 2007 the creation of contrarian customer, just a few years all the way, we lead the rapid growth. But perhaps it is also the strong "literati gene", let every guest in four years to buy "from LV to attrition to 300 people, the core members only 7 people". Once, old self bearing literati disadvantage is the impulse, sometimes too emotional."

April vintage with the "love letter" return,

"do a shirt, a T-shirt, where the customer is the duty, in my life again."

this time his vintage art fan do products;

this time we can feel we are to their brand to inject new energy, more and more sub dimensions, younger, more adorable cool stuff.

[cat series]


[panda series]


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