The best time to start a business opportunities, bubbles and anxieties


content of entrepreneurship has entered into a better time than previously, at present a large number of capital is entered, since the media financing valuation in the soaring, the relevant data shows that in 2016, won the 10 million round of the super single announced financing "media" project 37, a single round of early investment in more than 10 million of the amount of the project, most of the valuation in more than 100 million. The logic of thinking, the valuation of 1 billion 320 million fellow uncle uncle sold fellow cash 178 million and 12 cylinder car 150 million, a $150 million video etc.. At the same time, a large number of outstanding authors, media people to join the ranks of the content of entrepreneurship.

in capital investment, the content of today’s headlines, boosting platform support, penguin and UC headlines, 100, have invested heavily, start hatching support program, WeChat is not only a public number, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Phoenix, UC subscription number, little information and 100, today’s headlines the penguin, from the media and other mainstream media platform, as well as the thunder number, number, number, Taobao skyline headlines Wi-Fi manneungyulsoi, etc. the emergence of many tools to get together the content platform, the competition for high-quality content entrepreneurs.

content diversification vertical, IP, the team will become a trend

another trend is that the current vertical community, audio, video, short live has rise, the major content of the platform also began to constantly enrich the content in the form of the game rules, many content platform access to information, video, broadcast, quizzes and other diversified content form, the content of entrepreneurship boost the prosperity of the industry, to a certain extent this is the content of entrepreneurs, the best of times. Moreover, the new year from the media or the network will be stronger commercial liquidity.

from the point of view of the capital market, IP, personalization, allowing users to have more sense of participation, interactive accounts will become a trend in the field of future content entrepreneurship. The author pointed out before, the logic of thinking is the IP of Luo Zhenyu Wu Xiaobo, the IP channel is Wu Xiaobo, Amy Mongolia, Papi sauce, Liushen are can become IP Leilei is he (she) who through their own content and characteristics of a kind of success to its individual image and symbol shaping.

financing from the media point of view, Wu Xiaobo channel financing 160 million recently, valuation of $2 billion. Uncle and fellow fellow uncle sell cash 178 million. 1 and more of this kind of IP account also completed the financing of $100 million and $150 million, respectively, two.

can see the content of capital anchaoyongdong is corresponding to the personality of the content model of IP in 2017, this trend will be more obvious or. Content entrepreneurs need to think about how to create a deep personal label content, and create a recognizable brand. Here, it will still need to support quality content and packaging of individual IP incubation, including through quality content showing independent personality, driving fan community, driven by a sense of participation, the formation of a stable commercial realization mode of transformation. This is favored by capital.

in the final analysis, the quality of content continues to output with

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