China Life nsurance Policy nearly 800 thousand suspected leak information someone’s website is temp

newspaper news (reporter Gong cotton Niu Yinghui) the day before yesterday, many users find that a web site can query to Chinese policyholders information database in public policy information of nearly 800 thousand copies. Yesterday afternoon, you can query the individual policy information website has been temporarily closed. China life insurance Limited by Share Ltd said the problem by the cooperation company website upgrade operational errors caused by China’s official website, the core business data and the site does not exist interactive channel.

net exposure of nearly 800 thousand information can query

February 26th morning, Katie community netizen perfectwld1 Post said, "today in China life to register a vehicle rescue card, input the name in the search, found the namesake of a bunch of people or similar." The netizen released the query results in the post the screenshot shown above, including the applicant, insured name, gender, passport number, document type, date of birth and the mobile phone number, and there are a number of insurance, insurance and other details.

then, "perfectwld1" with his login website, in the post and said, "I don’t know who this reminder, only posting to remind you! So it can log into the rescue card, you can enjoy the query details of others!" the website for Chengdu Zhongyi health technology limited company subordinates "the appropriate risk management".

progress website temporarily shut down

More than 4

yesterday afternoon, the reporter entered the net posts that can query information of all the appropriate risk management website, found the information query page has been closed, a statement of apology and connection to Chengdu Zhongyi Health Technology Co. ltd.. The statement said, in accordance with the requirements of insurance regulation, in order to effectively protect the interests of customers, insurance companies need to provide insurance information to provide insurance coverage for accident insurance. The company as a third party service company, the site is provided by the query interface is to meet the insurance customers in a timely manner to check their own accident insurance information.

the company admitted that mistakes in the work, the site in the recent upgrade of the system features a loophole, to the relevant insurance companies and insurance customers have caused adverse effects. They will actively communicate with the various insurance companies to take measures to meet the customer’s inquiries, to do a good job of confidentiality of customer information.

yesterday, reporters repeatedly call the company’s customer service phone call, no answer. Yesterday afternoon, more than 5, the reporter once again log public risk management website, the site has been temporarily closed.

said China Life Data Interchange


yesterday afternoon, China Life Insurance Limited by Share Ltd informed that the day before yesterday, there have been news reports and micro-blog pointed out that a website called public risk management, China life insurance customer information disclosure. The company has confirmed that this is true, but for everyone concerned about the disclosure of personal information, how to get the site is not explained.

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