The website address bar discovered Mao Zedong’s head Public opinions are divergent. users

website screenshot

open the Xiangtan online website, the address bar impressively shows Mao Zedong like, this approach is careful users found and quickly lead to concern, there are users that are creative, users are worried, "good idea, but it is not illegal?"

website address bar in the "small landscape"

February 4th, the network broke the news, Netizens found: Mao Zedong’s hometown, Hunan City, Xiangtan local news website "Xiangtan online" will be like Mao Zedong set to the website Logo, displayed in the browser address bar and tab.

Logo is the logo, logo meaning, so as to facilitate the user in the address bar to locate different sites at a glance.

For example: Baidu

is the bear’s paw, the Tencent is a penguin, and we Chinese is "the first day" the eye of big eyes. These Logo useful text, useful cartoon image, but with a real person, but also like a great man, Xiangtan online is the first.

but there are users that can not see such a small icon, according to deputy director Song An introduced Chinese network technology, not all browsers support the display, such as: IE6 browser does not have this function, and in the "Firefox", "IE7", "travel" and "Tencent TT browser" you can see.

lawyers believe that the use of great icon infringement

netizen said: "happy" can be used when Grandpa Mao icons, envy Xiangtan people." But it was also suggested that the idea is very good, but can be used to make icons Wei people, so illegal not

?This part of

, the Liu Pengyan lawyer said: according to the provisions of the "standard" national advertising review administration Industrial and Commercial Bureau, "the advertisement relates to another person’s name, reputation, image, speech, proprietary marks, registered trademarks and other personal rights and property rights, must be in the right before the release by written consent". She believes that Xiangtan should be identified illegal acts online.

friends have suggested: Chairman Mao has been dead for many years, can not be written consent". Shaanxi oak law firm lawyers said Gou Jian, according to "advertisement law" article seventh paragraph second and the State Administration for Industry and commerce to supplement the provisions of that paragraph, the late leader of the country’s image is forbidden for advertising, otherwise it is illegal, "the site constitutes infringement".

but most netizens expressed support for the Xiangtan online, friends, Sun Peng Yan: people can commemorate Mao Zedong in this way, as if it is not advertising. Netizen big: people in their own way to express feelings can be tolerated, and progress.

is not advertising, emotional sustenance,

"affectionately known as the Premier ‘baby’, we use Chairman Mao as the mark and why not?" Xiangtan online executive director Wang Rui is very proud of the idea, not advertising, should be said that the network era Home >

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