Cloud net push cloud audit technology network Kam Division will be laid off

network Kam division of this profession, once appeared, it caused a lot of attention and controversy. But now, with the cloud network and other professional Internet security service providers launched a picture cloud audit technology, network Kam Wong division or will face the risk of layoffs, this job is really just a flash in the pan?

with the Internet into the era, a large number of pornographic information pictures appear massive news. Traditional pornographic information mainly rely on artificial filtering mechanism, so there has been a mysterious network Kam Huang division of this new career. But the artificial audit has low efficiency, fuzzy definition, are inevitable deviation both in efficiency and quality, the audit standard is: what kind of picture It differs from man to man. pornographic pictures? How to define a standard? How to judge the walking pornography? What is more important is to bring the huge workload and work in physiology and psychological pressure, network master Huang is a less humane occupation.

is a network company, master Huang Xiao said: "network community users publish pictures and text although there is a delay of the audit, but this time not too long, will affect the user experience, so we have to quickly browse and review". Mandy is a user review column page has 50 user information and audit, she said the daily workload should be the basic audit of tens of thousands of users, is at least a day to browse a page 200, tens of thousands of pictures. The Kam Huang work to be completed within 3 hours, other times have other work, because Kam Huang too long will affect physical and mental health. Such an average of one minute to browse more than 50 users, hundreds of pictures. So staring at the computer to concentrate, do not know that very yellow very exciting, in fact, very hard, but also very boring".

so many Internet companies choose computer intelligent map instead of manual review, yellow computer technology can greatly liberated the human resources, and the efficiency and quality in artificial, but the technology threshold is very high: the complexity of the image recognition algorithm, machine learning algorithm, classification algorithm icon. And do not say how to realize the development of intelligent map of how high the cost is that the complexity of the technology makes many Internet companies flinch.

for this situation, a number of professional Internet content security service providers launched a cloud audit technology, trying to replace the traditional model of cloud services model of traditional manual audit. As the industry’s first one-stop cloud service platform – cloud net audit, audit mechanism of the online cloud service provided by the platform, the Internet site just by a simple interface, can easily access the cloud net online verification platform. Internet companies do not need to consider the technology and operation behind the complex, which greatly reduces the threshold for filtering pornographic images, with more efficient, standardized, scale, reduce manual intervention, suitable for large-scale image filtering and other advantages.

Compared to the

cloud net daily tens of millions of pictures and review the traditional artificial way each audit 10 thousand pictures, the efficiency of the large disparity is there a world of difference, enterprise may.

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