How to make money through the webmaster affiliate program.

owners and advertisers is one of the two sides to jointly plan. Only the owners and advertisers double efforts to jointly plan in order to achieve good results, the webmaster and also have more interests of advertisers.

although this chapter is discussed through the joint promotion website advertisers how to plan, but as I said, let the webmaster Webmaster Help, make more money through joint programs, but also an important prerequisite for advertisers through website promotion jointly plan. Only to help owners succeed, advertisers only succeed, advertisers should also provide these tips to make money webmaster affiliate program. So this section will discuss how to make money through the webmaster affiliate program.

a) you need a lot of traffic

signed a plan to make money on the premise that the website traffic must be great. Affiliate program is a numbers game. Have independent access to Shuyiwan assumptions in the joint plan website every day, of which 5% will click on the site of a planned joint link, also is to have 500 people will come to the advertisers website. If the conversion rate is 1%, the result is that there are 5 people to complete the guide or sales.

The site of the

all know that ad click rate has been declining trend. From the beginning of Internet users interested in advertising, to actively Click to become accustomed to occasional delays, many more people to hate ads, no advertising. So banner ads click rate can reach 0.5%-1%, it has been very good.

if the webmaster to write some personalized comments, put the link in the text, can produce about 5% hits, has been very good.

e-commerce sites, 1% of the conversion rate is normal.

so 5% hits and the conversion rate of 1%, are good numbers. But the ten thousand users on the alliance website, the last only to complete the guidance or sales of 5, this ratio is actually quite low. So we signed a plan to make money, you need a very large flow.

many personal webmaster website every day only a few hundred visitors can imagine to jointly plan the effect will not be good. The same flow, if it is in the electronic commerce website itself, sales and profits can reach the general reserve plan higher than by.

, of course, to jointly plan advantage is to save worry, low threshold. Run their own e-commerce sites, to take into account the risk of things and take on much higher.

so in Webmaster affiliate program, can not have unrealistic expectations. Unless there is a lot of traffic, it is difficult to have a good income.

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