Stationmaster net broadcast how to use network hongsiwei sellers 12.09 network fraud details

1.12.09 network fraud details: more than 500 suspects for the same family  


recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau of Suqian City Lake District Bureau in the investigation together with the 7000 yuan fraud case, discovered a huge network fraud Gang, the case caused by the Ministry of public attention. Ministry of public security held a joint meeting of police in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, to determine the case for the 12.09 project.

case of victims across the country 31 provinces, involving more than 500 suspects, string and similar cases from the beginning of the case, involving a total value of more than 1200 yuan more than $710. Police investigation found that more than 500 suspects involved in the Jiangxi County of Yugan Province as a member of a family of tang.

7000 yuan "charitable" contributions to cite "blockbuster" fraud

at the beginning of May 2015, Ms. Wang Jiangsu Lake District of Suqian City, access to QQ chat in a self proclaimed "Wang Feng" and "Mister", that can help the application of "charity", after "induction calls +QQ" step by step, Ms. Wang for gospel truth on 3 June, the other designated account households to import 7000 yuan, then realized that cheated Ms. Wang to the Suqian City Public Security Bureau Lake District Branch police.

2.58 market integration, the challenges of the future where?  

The 58 Group Co CEO

resigned as market positions in founder Yang Haoyong, 58 city founder Yao Jinbo and he has a simple but profound embrace.

and the vast majority had 58 different market conference, this conference is serious and boring, "running away" Yang Haoyong is reborn in the second-hand car field, while in the 58 market tyrannized Yao Jinbo will also face greater challenges.

3 fast angel investors: I did not expect to be able to do so fast drops  

in the past 3 years, the Internet industry China drops fast in rapid growth, not only completed over $2 billion in financing, valuation of over $16 billion, has invested in India taxi service Ola, the United States, Southeast Asian taxi software Lyft taxi applications Grabtaxi.

not long ago, drops fast also announced that YAHOO co-founder and nimbus ventures founding partner Yang Zhiyuan served as a board observer drops fast and senior adviser to the company. This means that the future of the international process and will be greatly improved rapidly.

fast as angel investors, digging Choi chairman and CEO Li Zhiguo recently accepted an interview in Wuzhen science and technology Tencent World Internet Conference said, never thought drops fast can do today so quickly when the original investment.

Li Zhiguo said, "whether it’s the ex CEO Lv Chuanwei, or"